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March is the month to celebrate Sustainable Living in the Great Southern!

Green Skills hosted its third successful Sustainable Living Festival across the region, pulling together a diverse program of family friendly events and activities. Combined with the Sustainable Living Fair and Expo and the South Coast Festival of Birds, the festival resulted in more than 100 activities, events, talks, demonstrations and workshops.

Some of the highlights of the festival included:

The Festival Launch night, supported by Great Southern Development Commission and the Great Southern Film Harvest, and included a screening of the movie ‘A Plastic Ocean’.

The Festival Keynote, presented by Jemma Green considered A Sustainable Great Southern, and how do we transition to low carbon, liveable, innovative towns and cities in the region? What is possible? Jemma delivered an engaging and passionate presentation on the rapid
economic change surrounding sustainability and disruptive innovation.

The South Coast Festival of Birds incorporated a huge range of activities and events celebrating the special bird life of the South Coast region.

The Sustainable Living Expo & Fair had a further comprehensive program of activities that included interactive workshops, speakers, demonstrations and tours. An estimated 800 people attended through the day.

The Mini Film-Fest consisted of three films (one to be aired later in April) and an experimental Green Screen stall at the EXPO to capture individuals’ ideas and aspirations around a sustainable regional and world.

The 2nd Denmark Festival of Cycling had a collection of 4 events over a 7 day period with a total
attendance across the week of more than 200 community members, young and old.

The Kalgan Pumpkin Fair at the tail end of the festival attracted more than 1,000 people on the day.
You can read the full evaluation report of the Festival here: Sustainable Living Festival Evaluation Report