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The Green Skills’ Denmark Tip Shop & Re-Use Education Centre is progressing with exciting new enterprise supporting projects.

These have been supported by a $20,000 grant from the State Government’s Great Southern Development Commission, and a $6,000 grant from the Denmark Community Wind Farm sustainability fund.

The following progress has been made

  • Installation of a second hangar shed at the Tip Shop. This new shed facility was installed by Plantagenet Sheds in early August, and which will open up expanded new re-use enterprise and sales opportunities at the Tip Shop.
  • Improvements to the original hangar shed, now used for presentation and sale of clothes. The rear top wall has been replaced with clear transparent material, allowing much more light into the shed.
  • Development of a refrigerator de-gassing service at the Tip Shop. The Tip Shop is developing this fee-paying service to allow people to drop off their white goods such as refrigerators that need to be de-gassed and recycled. The development of this service is being welcomed by the Shire of Denmark as it complements the other waste management and minimisation activities at the McIntosh Road Waste Transfer Station.


State 2 Car Park Sealing now Complete

On Monday 18th September, Kim Chrimes and his team completed the bitumen sealing of  a second stage of the Denmark Tip Shop Car Park. The new hangar shed will soon be ready for use, once the new bitumen sealing has firmed up  within a week.


For further information contact  Basil Schur on 9843310 or by  [email protected]

Green Skills Denmark Tip Shop’s Anita Cottle in the first hangar shed which has benefited with installation of transparent rear wall material.

A second hangar shed installed in August at the Green Skills Tip Shop. Photo by Basil Schur, Sept 2017


Green Skills Denmark Tip Shop Anita Cottle at the newly installed hangar shed.


Sealing of Stage 2 of the Tip Shop Car park completed on Monday 18 September 2017

View of the new second Hangar shed and the recently completed bitumen car park sealing.


Newly laid down bitumen seal on the Stage 2 extension of the TIp Shop Car Park