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Green Skills Inc partnered with the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee in a Day of the Dung Beetle, hosted at the Denmark College of Agriculture.

No one would normally blink an eye at new animals arriving at an agricultural school, but 50 or so farmers braved wet weather to watch the state’s first widescale spring-active dung beetle release at Denmark Agricultural College.

They hope that spring beetles can offer their herd and themselves some relief during the six to eight weeks of the season they are plagued with flies.

The school was one of three release sites for the Onthophagus vacca colonies which made their way across the Nullarbor from South Australia in a plastic container with air holes poked in the lid.

The long-awaited day came after many years of work by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Council (WICC) and entomologist Dr Bernard Doube to find a suitable spring-active species for the WA’s Great Southern region.

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For more information on Green Skills work and partnership community education programs with the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee contact our Denmark office.