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The Green Skills Albany office held a Think Tank workshop on Monday 16th October with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and City of Albany to discuss eradicating and /or containing Senecio glastifolius to the Albany region.


Strategies include:

  • maintenance and follow control programs for new developments and fire management practice sites
  • conducting large plot trialls to assess the seed germination response from various temperature burns and
  • chemical applications at different phases of plant growth such as the use of low rates at flowering to kill off the seed set.
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Senecio glastifolius in flower


Senecio glastifolius was spread to Mt Clarence from a home garden before 1986*, and has spread to many areas, with the highest priority along the coastline in Sandpatch Reserve. Originally from South Africa, senecio outcompetes our native species, spreading seed on the summer easterlies along the south coast.

Green Skills has been targeting Senecio for over 10 years and is currently supported with funding provided by State NRM. Over 800 hectares is currently being treated and monitored through the use of Ecojobs staff, Work for the Dole participants and Green Army trainees.