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It was so much fun getting a collection of our upcycled garments out into the big bright world today.

Every stitch counts.  Every piece makes a difference.

Did you know that Australia is the second largest consumer of textiles per person globally?

The Global average is 13kg of clothing per person per year! And in that pile are loads of ‘plastic clothes’ that don’t decay. Only ~15% of clothes donated to charity are resold in local op-shops.  About half are usually sent to developing nations, the rest are used for rags and sent to landfill. Sustainability consultant Jane Milburn says that “Aussies need to be more conscious about what they wear”.
(ref: ABC News)

And we totally agree, every piece makes a difference.

SEW COOL! Creative Coordintaor, Ruth Maddren, and Project Manager, Dawn Atkin were happy to buzz around the Denmark Community Resource Centre, arrange items on the wall and explain the community education waste diversion project to curious onlookers.

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Creative Coordinator, Ruth Maddren, checking out the Sew Cool! display.

Discarded clothes, pre-loved, thrown away, ripped, torn and marked, table cloths, doilies remnants, scraps: they can be all re-used.





Look beyond the obvious, past the functional, behind the everyday way-to-wear and leap into the gloriously surprising creative world of UPCYCLED FASHION.

Be uniquely you. Play dress ups. Dare to be different. Bend the rules. There are no rules. Express yourself. Flex your creative rag-wear.

Get creative. Stop the Waste. Upcycle. It’s Sew Cool to Be cool!

Go on then…


This project is supported by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.


For more information about SEW COOL! or to register your interest please contact Dawn Atkin (08) 9848 3310 or [email protected]

Waste Authority WA