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Green Skills brings wildlife to people living with disabilities.

Our program of nature-based activities is delivered in conjunction with local wildlife providers WA Birds of Prey and Radical Reptiles. Interactive sessions focus on conservation, wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. Participants also have opportunities to handle the wildlife if they wish –a truly amazing experience to witness!

We have established relationships with agencies throughout the Perth metropolitan region, who recognise that nature inclusion improves the wellbeing of people living with disadvantage and their carers.

Our presentations always bring excitement and enthusiasm from clients and carers!

Mauricio Sanabria of Nulsen Disability Services, “At Nulsen, we support people with profound and complex disabilities and I know from my own experience as a support worker that many of them will never have the opportunity to see and interact with these birds in the way that they did. Your understanding and support of people with disabilities is amazing and I really hope this experience is promoted so more people in the community can enjoy it. I hope we can invite you again in the near future.”

Nicola Ryan of Multiple Sclerosis Western Australia, “The SMILES on the faces of the members in the photos “SAY IT ALL” !!  THANKYOU again for supporting our members at Outreach”

For more information on this inclusion program, or to sponsor a series on behalf of your local council or organisation, please email [email protected]