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The Senecio Glastifolius Eradication in the Albany Region project was extremely fortunate to have been delivered during the time of the federally funded Green Army program. This provided capacity and a fantastic opportunity to effectively mass-involve youth, at least 104 participants contributing over 36,000 hours, in 1777 hectares of weed monitoring and control program continuously for the projects duration in late 2016 to late 2017.

We were able to more than double our monitoring efforts,through grid search lines, through sheer people power on-ground. This monitoring effort also contributed to comprehensive mapping that enabled a strategic approach to control works and planning potential eradication. Being fully informed of the extent of the range of Senecio make future efforts more achievable.

It was unfortunate that community volunteers identified a new Senecio infestation outside the 10km radius of Albany. What was fortunate though, the sites were treated by the Green Army effort. This site will be prioritised and will need ongoing surveillance to ensure no further spread. De-heading and bagging flowers to prevent wind dispersal Before works Flower heads removed from site Senecio plants uprooted and left to dry.

A lot of credit must go to the City of Albany reserves and fire management staff for their support, knowledge and participation in two Think Tanks and supporting and supplementing Senecio control with Work for the Dole programs, Bushcarers and Friends OF group busy bees. Other contributors include John Moore from the now Department of Primary Industries and Development and David McNamara for  sharing his extensive historical knowledge and experience.

You can read the FULL REPORT HERE

State NRM Id# A15078

Project Team: March 2018
Anne Sparrow, David McNamara, Mat Kirkman, Jasmyn Kirkman, Bernard De Bunnetat