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Cloth Nappies have moved into the modern era! And Green Skills Perth have been busy showing them (and their vintage, terry-square cousin) off to young Cockburn families.

But, how do you get started with cloth, when all you know is disposables?


1- Start with 1 nappy (#StartWithOneNappy). The simplest nappies, most similar to disposables, are All In One nappies that fasten with velcro.

2- Trial packs. Cloth nappy retailers often sell discounted trial packs to get you started.

3- Buy second hand. Try Gumtree or Facebook Modern Cloth Nappy groups. It’s a cheap and easy way to start with a full set.

4- Read up on how to clean your nappies. All you need is a washing machine and a basket or bin for your nappies.

5- Find a friend. This one’s optional. You can do it on your own, but I reckon having a friend who cloth-nappies-too is key.

For local councils implementing the 3 bin (FOGO) system, a switch to cloth can really help young families. Contact us for a quote to bring this workshop to your community – [email protected] or call 9360 6667.