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Big green thanks to our community members for dropping off your coffee pods to Green Skills Albany for recycling! You’re keeping aluminium (one the highest value recycling streams), plastic and coffee grounds out of landfill.

Here’s how you can make sure your coffee pods do get recycled: please drop off these specific brands. Nescafe, Nespresso and L’Or.


We send Nescafe and L’Or coffee pods to the Terracycle program. Because we have had so many community members arriving with Nespresso aluminium pods to drop off, we’ve now also signed up to the Nespresso recycling program directly through the company. So Green Skills Albany can now accept THREE brands of coffee pod.

Nespresso recycling box at Green Skills Albany.

We can also take any brand of tea pod for the Terracycle program.

PLEASE DO NOT drop off other brands like Woolworths. If you use a brand of coffee pod that is not accepted in our collection boxes, contact the manufacturer directly to ask what they’re doing to ensure they don’t contribute to landfill. Or switch brands or go back to loose coffee.


Because these recycling programs are brand-specific, unacceptable brands will be disposed of in Green Skills’ rubbish bin. We have to pay to have our rubbish collected. Please don’t go to all the effort of collecting and dropping off your coffee pods here only to have them go to landfill at the expense of a not for profit organisation.

Our collection boxes are not monitored every minute of opening hours, so please tell your friends!

See here for our other Terracycle items that you can drop off at Green Skills Albany.

Thanks for working with us to keep waste out of landfill.