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Saturday June 9th – Clarkson Library was all set up for our Cloth Nappies for Newborns workshop.

With nappy retailer Booty Crawl and Wanneroo’s Waste Education Officer, we wondered … how many people would come? Is anyone interested in cloth nappies?

With 40 young parents and parents-to-be attending – we can safely say, ABSOLUTELY!

Their questions came thick and fast.

From the basic: What types of modern cloth nappies are there? To the more researched: What do the words dry-pailing and wet-pailing mean?

Families who cloth-nappy save 2 tonnes of waste-to-landfill and $2000 per baby. This is one disposable swap-out with impact!

PS. We all know disposable nappies belong in the landfill bin, right? (that’s the green bin for 2-bin systems. And red bin for 3-bin systems)

For more information or a quote to bring this workshop to your sustainable event, contact [email protected] or call 9360 6667.