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Join us for our inaugural Permaculture Spring Gathering in Albany. Bring your curiosity, questions, ideas, designs, ponderings, success stories, cuttings, surplus, challenges and enthusiasm for an interactive event discussing all things Permaculture related in the Great Southern. Open to everyone from newbies to permie pioneers. Come along for a great chat with like minded people. All welcome.

Please bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. Children welcome. No pets please.

10am-2pm, location to be confirmed. Please check the event page closer to the date. Please book a free ticket, so we have a good idea about how many people are attending.


– -Permie Q&A (A chance to ask questions or seek advice from a panel of well composted permies)
– – Making our groups stronger using non-violent communication strategies
– – Our big brainstorm, how would we like to focus our energy e.g:

  • Garden tours
  • Permablitzs
  • Swap Share Shuffle
  • Permie book club
  • Upskilling workshops (food forests, fermenting, animals etc)
  • RetroSurburbia planning
  • Guest Speakers
  • Building stuff / Alternative technologies
  • Future proofing Albany/ Transition Town
  • Social gatherings
  • Social farming
  • Permie group management ideas

– – Collective lunch natterings

This event is co-hosted by Green Skills, Powderbark Permaculture and Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre.