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Community member Pauline was thrilled to receive a free bicycle last week following a bicycle maintenance workshop in July at Green Skills Albany with Peter Morris. Peter is passionate about bikes and keeping them on the road, so to encourage more bike use around Albany he generously offered to fix up a bike for any workshop participants who were interested. Pauline put her hand up, so a few weeks after the workshop her shiny secondhand bike was dropped off to Green Skills for collection.


In the Warm Winter Bike Shed workshop in July, participants learned how to change a tyre, adjust brakes and gears, what to look for in a secondhand bike (and what to avoid!) and where to buy bike tools and parts.


Participants kept warm with homemade scones and two tasty hot soups with crusty bread. Thanks to Anne and Barb for their delicious cooking and to Royale Patisserie for the bread.

We looked at maps of bicycle paths around Albany and handed out Bike ID cards to help manage bike theft.

In return for Pauline’s custom-made bicycle, Peter asked her to think of a contribution to Green Skills, so she has chosen to do some volunteering in the garden. This will help us maintain our raised vegetable beds that supply our #foodisfree cart, providing fresh free produce to community members. And so it all keeps cycling around. 🙂

A big thankyou to Peter for sharing his knowledge, time and tools, for helping to organise and promote this event, and for donating the bike for Pauline. The big smile on her face says it all.

What are you doing this week to pay it forward?