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Wolyie Diggings on the trail at Perup – Digging mammals are nature’s engineers..

A visit to Perup – A special place to see threatened native fauna

Between 9 and 11 November I joined in an event organised by GreenTeach, an environmental education group based in Bunbury – for a delightful weekend at Perup- Nature’s Guest House. https\:// Surrounded by the 56,000 hectare Tone-Perup Nature Reserve south of Boyup Brook., Perup: is a great place to see our native fauna.

On behalf of Green Skills I led a dusk walk for a group of about 25 people ranging from 10 to 80 in age. During the two days we were able to spot a range of species including Quenda, possums and the threatened Tammar wallaby.

A highlight of the weekend for me was seeing how Perup Nature’s Guesthouse works as a community enterprise run by the Blackwood Basin Group.


Tammar Wallaby at Perup

Dusk walk with group from Green Teach, Bunbury