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Denmark Tip Shop has been helping to reduce Landfill at the Denmark Arts Markets. By comparison of last years markets we are going amazingly well. The compost was almost contaminant free which is wonderful! The other two bins (landfill and recycling) were pretty bad there is a lot of confusion around dirty paper plates and cardboard. These are not recycled and just end up contaminating more paper with food scraps. Huge thanks to Denmark Arts for leading the way and moving towards a plastic free market in Denmark. Also the amazing Plastic Free Denmark Mob for there ineradicable cup washing station so much less landfill it was inspiring. The Tip Shop ended up with 6 wheely bins of compost, 1 recycling bin and half a bin of landfill from the customers of the market. So well done everyone.

If you are planning an event please talk to us and we can help you come closer to zero waste.