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Looking after your physical and mental health is an important pillar in living a sustainable lifestyle. Poor self-esteem, body image issues and chronic stress all contribute to excessive consumption and not having time to create sustainable habits. In this presentation Emma will explain why looking after yourself from a place of loving kindness promotes and supports a sustainable world. She will explain 3 easy ways to start loving yourself that you can put into action straight away.

Emma Polette is the founder of Body Love HQ. Her clients call her a real woman for real women. She is a qualified personal trainer, health coach, reiki master & yoga teacher and the creator of The Body Love Method™
She uses these modalities and many other tools to empower women to treat their bodies with love just as they are right now.
Emma’s mission is to help thousands of women feel great about their bodies without harsh diets or exercise programs.
When she’s not teaching classes & workshops, empowering her private clients or recording her latest podcast episode, Emma hangs out with her dog Barney and enjoys a dirty chai latte with a side of gluten-free chocolate brownie.

Listen to Emma at the Sustainable Community Festival on Saturday 23rd March in the Albany Town Square.