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Denmark is known for it’s amazing contemporary dance performances and this night will not fall short of that. Three world class Denmark dancers will explore the darker side of waste! 6th April, 9pm, Denmark Civic Centre,$15 Waged $10 Unwaged

Annette Carmichael (barely off the plane from a U.K. project) in collaboration with Circular Box (James Gentle, Jex Von Kobra, Ruth Maddren, Jennie Newman, John Briggs) and projection artist Tim Dunn will blow your mind. The group will explore the unseen world the inner workings of the things we surround our selves with in our every day lives.  The dark moody projection sets the scene Circular Box’s Intonarumori  start to grind/screech/plink/howl away taking you to another world. Then enter Annette enters it all drops back and well the rest is for you to see for yourself!

Plastic Fish from the amazing mind of Nari lee’s is a multi dimensional projection/ dance piece looking at our obsession with plastic’s effect on the ocean and ocean inhabitants. We are all having to look very carefully at the things we purchase what will happen at the end of theses products life. This powerful works is yet another reminder that we need to change and fast.

Sumer Addy(Dancer) with experimental musicians James Gentle Mark Gretton dig deep into the piles left by fast fashion. Every day huge amounts of clothing that is perfectly good goes into landfill. It’s time to stop! There is enough clothing on the planet at the moment to keep us going for a long long time