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What an amazing night it was at the Denmark Civic Centre Contemporary Dance and experimental music exploring different elements of our current waste issues. Keep a look out for Not Waste Festival 2020 These are just some of the amazing photo’s taken by Brendan Manuel. I hope you enjoy them.

Annette Charmicheal with Circular Box and Tim Dunn on Projection

This was a powerful performance exploring the darker side of waste in a life that is full of boxes with unseen workings that most of us could never fix so they just end up in landfil

Plastic Fish, Nari Lees

Another installment in the always amzing work by Nari and this is certainly not the end keep an eye out for the next installment. Plastic fish explores the relation ship between us our plastic waste and the ocean and its inhabitants. The layering of sculpture, dance and projection made for a mesmerising performance.

Sumer Addy, James Gentle, Mark Gretton and Bruce Anthony

In their peice the took us into the world of endless thrown out clothing Piano, Junk Sax, and Kitckhen sink set the scene as Sumer Addy slowly put on more and more clothing. you could just feel the weight of matterial waste pulling her down as the performance built. I hope we see a re showing of this one.