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How to Switch to Cloth Nappies, when All You Know is Disposables

How to Switch to Cloth Nappies, when All You Know is Disposables

Cloth Nappies have moved into the modern era! And Green Skills Perth have been busy showing them (and their vintage, terry-square cousin) off to young Cockburn families.

But, how do you get started with cloth, when all you know is disposables?


1- Start with 1 nappy (#StartWithOneNappy). The simplest nappies, most similar to disposables, are All In One nappies that fasten with velcro.

2- Trial packs. Cloth nappy retailers often sell discounted trial packs to get you started.

3- Buy second hand. Try Gumtree or Facebook Modern Cloth Nappy groups. It’s a cheap and easy way to start with a full set.

4- Read up on how to clean your nappies. All you need is a washing machine and a basket or bin for your nappies.

5- Find a friend. This one’s optional. You can do it on your own, but I reckon having a friend who cloth-nappies-too is key.

For local councils implementing the 3 bin (FOGO) system, a switch to cloth can really help young families. Contact us for a quote to bring this workshop to your community – [email protected] or call 9360 6667.

Plastic Free Nappies for Plastic Free July

Plastic Free Nappies for Plastic Free July

Green Skills’ Perth office celebrates Plastic Free July with a “Nappies for Newborns” workshop for the City of Cockburn’s youngest residents.

The Success Library booked Green Skills’ Nappy Workshop for their busy story-time session, just in time for Plastic Free July. With over 70 babies plus parents, carers and siblings at each ‘Pram Jam’ session, Facilitator Aline Brion introduced modern cloth nappies in the flesh (not just on the internet) and demonstrated how to use them. Safety pins and soaking have been updated with modern snaps and modern washing machines!

While the Success Library families knew which bin their disposable nappies belong in (not the recycling bin!), they were unsure about the rest – how many nappies a baby needs? how long a nappy takes to break down? how to use and wash reusable nappies?

As a special incentive, anyone who wasn’t already using cloth, who wanted to try for Plastic Free July, could claim a free modern cloth nappy. What a great way to try something new!

For more information on the “Nappies for Newborns” workshop, please email [email protected]

“Nappies for newborns and beyond” – Cloth nappy workshops

“Nappies for newborns and beyond” – Cloth nappy workshops

Green Skills Murdoch office launched cloth nappy workshops in January 2017 with a Perth local council and a grant from the Waste Authority.

Every day, thousands of nappies arrive at the recycling facilities around Perth after being placed into the incorrect kerbside bin.

Inspired to tackle the contamination of the materials recovery facility, we created a “Nappies for Newborns and Beyond” workshop, for delivery at local libraries, new mothers groups, antenatal classes and early childhood centres.

Our cloth nappy display has been fantastic for introducing new parents to modern cloth nappies in the flesh (not just on the internet). Parents tell us that the different brands, sizes and fabrics can be confusing when you are just starting out and google ‘cloth nappies’.

Questions from parents often include: “will my newborn really fit into this nappy?”, “How do I use cloth at night?”, and “do you have reusable swim nappies?”. So far, there has always been a young family already using cloth to rave about their experience first-hand!

For more information on this waste minimisation program, or to book this workshop for your group, please email [email protected]

Farewell Aline

It’s a sad day for the Perth Office as Aline says goodbye to Green Skills for the last time.

Aline has been a part of Green Skills since 2001 and in the last few years made an outstanding impact with her hugely popular Bees Wax Wraps workshops and Modern Cloth Nappies projects.

Her warmth and enthusiasm was infectious and the Perth Office will not be the same without her.

All the best for the future Aline. We are sure you’ll do amazing things.