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Perth hospital takes the lead in Cloth Nappy education

Perth hospital takes the lead in Cloth Nappy education

St John of God Hospital (SJOG) in Subiaco is the first to take delivery of the Cloth Nappy Antenatal Demo Kit, in a collaborative project between Green Skills and Perth hospitals.

Parents have told us they want this information in antenatal classes, so they can be prepared before baby is born – and Judith, SJOG midwife and parent educator, agrees.

With 10 kits to be delivered over the next 6 months, these new and up-to-date kits will be key to educating expecting parents. What do modern cloth nappies look like? How do they work? How do you wash them? Times have changed from terry squares, pins and soaking in bleach! We give midwives a full introduction when we deliver the Cloth Nappy kit.

Do you work in antenatal Parent Education? If you would like more information on this program or to apply for a free kit, contact Aline on 9360 6667 or [email protected]

This project, “Educating Antenatal Educators about Modern Cloth Nappies”, is funded by the State Government through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account, and administered by the Waste Authority.

Today we celebrated Aline’s birthday

Today we celebrated Aline’s birthday

Today we celebrated Aline Brion’s 40th birthday in the Murdoch office. 

Aline has a wonderfully long association with Green Skills dating back to 2001 when she worked as our Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) in the metro office then based in Fremantle.  She worked with Western Suburbs local councils on emissions inventories, forecasts and reductions in a campaign conducted by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and the Australian Greenhouse Office.  Those were the days!

Aline continued working on the CCP and various other energy efficiency programs for Green Skills until 2006, working in part time and flexible capacities until after the birth of her second child coming into the office to work on City of Rockingham CCP Milestone 5.

Aline returned to us at the beginning of 2016 and is once again a very valued member of our metro team working on waste minimisation projects and coordinating nature-based activities for people with disabilities.  Her campaign on promoting modern cloth nappies is being heralded around the country as ground breaking work and as a mother of four children all reared in cloth nappies she speaks from experience.

We wish Aline a very happy 40th birthday and hope that she continues her work with Green Skills for years to come.

Cloth Nappy Q & A draws a crowd

Cloth Nappy Q & A draws a crowd

Saturday June 9th – Clarkson Library was all set up for our Cloth Nappies for Newborns workshop.

With nappy retailer Booty Crawl and Wanneroo’s Waste Education Officer, we wondered … how many people would come? Is anyone interested in cloth nappies?

With 40 young parents and parents-to-be attending – we can safely say, ABSOLUTELY!

Their questions came thick and fast.

From the basic: What types of modern cloth nappies are there? To the more researched: What do the words dry-pailing and wet-pailing mean?

Families who cloth-nappy save 2 tonnes of waste-to-landfill and $2000 per baby. This is one disposable swap-out with impact!

PS. We all know disposable nappies belong in the landfill bin, right? (that’s the green bin for 2-bin systems. And red bin for 3-bin systems)

For more information or a quote to bring this workshop to your sustainable event, contact [email protected] or call 9360 6667.

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For more information or to request a quote, contact the Green Skills Perth Office 9360 6667 or [email protected]

Recycle, Compost or Landfill? Green Skills Perth goes straight to the source.

Recycle, Compost or Landfill? Green Skills Perth goes straight to the source.

Green Skills Perth staff Annabelle Newbury and Aline Brion toured the bilges of local waste facilities, to uncover the recycled, the composted and the landfilled. We also teed up a visit with waste education boffin Isabelle Marie (pictured) at our site!

It’s been on the “Must Visit” list for months: the Regional Resource Recycling Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale.

Operated by Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), Isabelle Marie showed us the Waste Composting Facility, Green Waste Facility and Materials Recovery Facility. High tech machinery performing high tech waste management. Household and garden waste, paper, plastics, glass and metals, and green waste are recycled or composted here. The compost mounds are impressively huge!

But what about “The Tip”? (we don’t call it that anymore!)

Our local Waste Recovery Park, Henderson Waste Recovery Park, is the regional waste disposal and recycling facility for commercial waste and bulk household items. Operated by the City of Cockburn, Waste Education Officer Nicki Ledger showed us around. The transfer station was well organised with separate areas for the different items, including timber, metal, mattresses, whitegoods, electronic equipment, furniture, construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, e-waste and asbestos. It doesn’t all go to landfill! And they even have a “Reuse Shop” for the still-usable items that are resold back to the community.

Now what?

We are expanding our waste minimisation workshops – “Nappies for Newborns” – starting off with a delivery of flyers to the RRRC. Going for a tour? Keep a look-out for the catchy modern cloth nappy display! Want to know more about our workshops or partner with us? Contact [email protected]