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At Green Skills we are passionate about leadership capability and mentoring.

We are committed to sharing our skills with current and emerging leaders, especially with women, in the environmental, Landcare, NRM and Sustainability and Community Development sectors.

We have more than three decades of experience in this sector. Our dedicated staff and project contractors, in partnership with external consultants, develop and deliver successful leadership programs for regional community leaders both within Western Australia and interstate.

We continue to be leaders in our own projects.  We appreciate the ongoing development of leadership skills as necessary to our own constant growth and improvement.

Our experienced facilitators offer a range of specific skills and leadership development workshops. These can be developed to suit organisational and/or individual needs and delivered in the work place or for self-organised groups at independent locations.

Leadership Skills Development

The following list of development workshops are 1.5 to 2 hrs and delivered in blocks of two at a venue to suit you or your organisation’s needs.  (PDF Available Here)

* Managing Crucial Conversation’s Successfully * Managing Gender Issues
* Group Dynamics * Workplaces and Groups
* Relational Meetings * Effective Fundraising
* Using Story-telling in Your Projects * Campaign Strategies
* Mapping & Building Networks * Setting Life Goals
* Visionary/ Manager / Artist – roles * Public Speaking
* How to Intervene Successfully in the Status Quo * Conflict Resolution


* Mapping your Community Well-being and Resilience in the face of a Changing Climate *

Working Together for Country: Successfully working with Indigenous Aboriginal peoples (with Indigenous facilitator)


As an experienced, highly competent and passionate team of sustainability practitioners we are committed to making a difference, taking the lead for a sustainable future, and actively engaging, encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

If you would like to find out more about these services or get more information of how we can be of service to you please contact us.