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Denmark Tip Shop is committed to diverting the maximum quantity of materials from landfill as possible.

The Tip Shop achieves this by a variety of means.

  • Collection and resale of usable items.
  • Degassing of fridges and air conditioners.
  • Non ferrous metal salvage.
  • Subculture/ art
  • Innovative clothing restoration.
  • Worm farms
  • Junk music
  • Repair and re imagining of broken items
  • Waste education
  • Not Waste Festival
  • and so much more

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Not Waste Festival 2019 applications open now!

Not Waste Festival 2019 applications open now!

Art Not waste has been a wonderful project with such awesome community support and amazing art works. So we decided why stop there! We are putting on a three day festival with workshops , performances and exhibitions. We dropped the word art to broaden the scope to...