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 The Denmark Tip Shop and Re-Use Centre 


The Green Skills Denmark Tip Shop is open 7 days a week, our opening hours are:

Monday to Saturday:  12pm – 4pm

Sunday: 9am – 1pm

*Closed Saturday 23rd December 2023. RE-OPENS Tuesday 2nd January 2024. 

Open most public holidays but always closed on Easter Monday, Christmas Day and New Years Day.


There is no direct phone-line at the Tip Shop. 


The Denmark Tip Shop and Re-Use Centre is committed to diverting the maximum quantity of materials from landfill as possible.


The Tip Shop achieves this by a variety of means.

  • Collection and resale of usable items including furniture, bike parts, linen, fabric, clothes, building materials, kitchenware, outdoors goods and electrical household goods
  • Degassing of fridges and air conditioners
  • Non ferrous metal salvage
  • Found object art workshops
  • Innovative clothing restoration and sewing with scraps workshops
  • Worm farms and composting
  • Junk music, junk workshop re-imagining, junk art
  • Repair and restoration of broken items
  • Used battery drop-off
  • Waste education
  • Not Waste Festival and Waste throw-away separation management at festivals with the help of community Waste Faeries
  • and those unexpected home maintenance items that you need at low cost or simply cant buy anymore!


Green Skills believes that reducing (and ultimately eliminating) waste provides a tremendous benefit in terms of energy saving and efficiency; the Denmark Tip Shop has gone from strength to strength. In 2014 a formal lease was signed with the Shire of Denmark Council and this now guides the operations of the Tip Shop.  Green Skills strives to develop this vibrant community hub in a way that strengthens its community services, financial viability, safety standards, policies and operating systems, and capacity to expand its sustainability and social function.


Green Skills strives to demonstrate best practice waste minimisation and sustainable living through excellence in re-use, recycling, community education and behavioural change.

The Denmark Tip Shop is more than just a place to bring unwanted goods – it’s about a sustainable future.  Our goal is to give waste a new life through re-use and repair. With the help of our education centre we will guide the Denmark and South Coast community towards more informed, sustainable choices and behaviour.


Continue to develop and implement waste avoidance and minimisation solutions for drop-off waste

  • Continue to provide a best practice reuse facility/Tip Shop
  • Continue to expand recycling activities for drop-off waste that can be sold at the Tip Shop, thereby providing a local solution for local problems (e.g. Tagged/checked electrical items, sorted salvage materials)
  • Continue to expand recycling activities for drop-off waste that is forwarded externally/sold (e.g. non-ferrous scrap metal)
  • Implement a process of continuous improvement for all current operations
  • Investigate opportunities for Construction and Demolition recycling

Continue to develop and implement waste avoidance and minimisation solutions for Green Waste

  • Continue to encourage community involvement including worm farms, home composting and source separation
  • Investigate opportunities and potential for Green Waste recycling (e.g. organics processing/composting, energy generation)

Continue to develop and deliver education in sustainability and waste minimisation

  • Continue to run in-house workshops and linkages to community arts and school programs
  • Develop and maintain an onsite educational facility and resources
  • Continue to ensure that The Denmark Tip Shop and Recycling Education Centre delivers community and social benefits as components of its waste minimisation and sustainable living programs