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Leadership capability and mentoring

Sharing our knowledge and skills with the next generation

With three decades of experience in this sector

Green Skills is passionate about leadership capability and mentoring. We are committed to sharing our skills with current and emerging leaders in the environmental, Landcare, NRM and Sustainability and Community Development sectors.

Our dedicated staff and project contractors, in partnership with external consultants, develop and deliver successful leadership programs for regional community leaders both within Western Australia and interstate.

We have a special interest in leadership development for women in regional and rural Australia.

We continue to be leaders in our own projects

We appreciate the ongoing development of leadership skills as necessary to our own constant growth and improvement.

Our experienced facilitators offer a range of specific skills and leadership development workshops. These can be developed to suit organisational and/or individual needs and delivered in the work place or for self-organised groups at independent locations.

Leadership Skills Development

Our Supporting Women in Leadership – One Day workshops have been attended by women across the Great Southern and South West of Western Australia.  These workshops have been tailored to suit people living in regional and rural Australia. Participants learn about their unique style of leadership, communication styles and strategies for affirmative engagement, and increase their confidence and capability to lead in their own communities.  For an indicative example of a one-day agenda READ HERE

Our Take the Next Step – ongoing mentoring service provides individual mentoring for current and emerging leaders, developed to suit their individual needs in their leadership journey or project or campaign development.

We also provide a range of standalone development workshops that can be arranged and delivered in blocks according to your organisation or community needs.  For a list of some of the possibilities READ HERE.


Experienced, highly competent and passionate

We are committed to making a difference, taking the lead for a sustainable future, and actively engaging, encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

We were invited to partner with Karrak Consulting to develop and deliver Leadership Courses in regional Western Australia. Our Senior Facilitator, Dr Louise Duxbury, is a co-facilitator for the Womens Environmental Leadership Australia program (WELA). 

Our leadership facilitators all live in regional WA communities and bring a wealth of background experience from across government, business and not for profit sectors.

Dr Louise Duxbury, Senior Project Manager and Leadership Facilitator

Louise is a leading sustainability practitioner and facilitator with thirty years’ experience in leadership development and implementation of regional sustainability and environmental initiatives that have contributed to major behavioural changes and regional outcomes.

As a leader in her field, Louise has depth of practical and research experience in project development, facilitation, education, communications and managing behaviour change. These attributes are an essential resource for clients seeking to maximize community engagement in projects and programs, to develop teams and leadership within the not-for- profit sector, business sector and community groups of common interest.

Dawn Atkin, Senior Project & Communications Manager and Leadership Facilitator

Dawn has a career that spans project management and administration, social and cultural research and development, business and strategic planning, communications and marketing, community consultation and facilitation, community and cultural development, community engagement and capacity building.

Dawn has a passion for personal development, womens leadership and sustainable regional development.

Nicole Hodgson, Special Projects Contractor and Leadership Facilitator

Nicole has over 15 years of experience working in environmental and sustainability policy, and currently teaches part-time in the Sustainability program at Murdoch University.

Nicole works closely with Dr Louise Duxbury and Dawn Atkin on a range of sustainability, behaviour change, communications and systems research projects.

If you would like to find out more about these services or get more information of how we can be of service to you please contact us.

Latest News

Free Zero Waste Resources for Educators & Families

Free Zero Waste Resources for Educators & Families

Are you a teacher, student or parent and looking for free zero waste education resources, or ideas to keep your kids happy? Here are a range of lesson plans, printable worksheets, patterns, recipes, games and fun ideas that can be used for learning at home, online...

Pick Up A Plastic Free July 2020 Starter Kit!

Get your free Plastic Free July starter kit from Green Skills Albany during July, 2020! This little paper bag is full of information, vouchers, samples and freebies to get you started on your waste reduction journey. Drop into the office at 38 Graham Street,...

Farewell Aline

It’s a sad day for the Perth Office as Aline says goodbye to Green Skills for the last time. Aline has been a part of Green Skills since 2001 and in the last few years made an outstanding impact with her hugely popular Bees Wax Wraps workshops and Modern Cloth Nappies...


Zero waste food

Free Zero Waste Resources for Educators & Families

Are you a teacher, student or parent and looking for free zero waste education resources, or ideas to keep your kids happy? Here are a range of lesson plans, printable worksheets, patterns, recipes, games and fun ideas that can be used for learning at home, online learning, small children and general household use.

The first free zero waste resources are two lesson packs are based around Home Bin Audits and Fabric Reusables. These lesson plans are mapped to the Australian curriculum and can be used for most ages from kindy to early high school, so they’re also great for homeschooling a group of siblings. The printable worksheets are designed to be low-ink and can be printed in black and white, and can be used for reluctant writers. Activities include a movie review with suggestions, rubbish walk, bin audit (with different methods depending on age and ability), designing and sewing six fabric items, brainstorming solutions and a fibre bingo game. Students are prompted to think about ethics of single use plastic and use systems thinking, as well as math, English, design & technology, HASS, arts and science skills.

Home Bin Audit Lesson Plan

Home Bin Audit Worksheets

Fabric Reusable Lesson Plan

Fabric Reusables Patterns

Fabric Reusables Worksheets

Fabric Reusables Fibre Bingo

If you have small children at home, you are probably struggling to avoid plastic toys and sensory play! Some children love to play with oozy slime and goo, but all the commercial versions are packed in plastic and even the homemade recipes use PVA glue and other ingredients you probably don’t want on your child’s skin. Here is a recipe sheet with four fun sensory things to make, a list of ideas to make a sensory tub and a simple sheet of seasonal play activities.

Four Plastic-Free Play Recipes

Plastic-Free Sensory Tub Ideas

Seasonal Play Activities

And here’s one for the adults – did you do more cooking in 2020 but find that you were missing just one ingredient for the recipe? Print this out for your pantry door. It’s a list of food substitutes so you can make that recipe with whatever you have in the cupboard.

Food Substitution Chart

Did you use these for your class? Let us know at Green Skills Albany.

These resources were created with support from the Waste Authority of WA.

Jade Joins the Green Skills Denmark Office for her Internship Work Experience

Jade joins Green Skills Denmark office for her internship work experience

In April 2021, the Green Skills Denmark Office hosted a Sustainable Development and International Aid and Development student from Murdoch University, Jade Roycroft, for her Sustainable Development Internship Project. The unit requires 100 – 120 hours of volunteer internship work experience and creates an opportunity for eager students, such as Jade, to integrate theory with practical work experience. Jade chose to approach Green Skills to host her following a short fieldtrip experience that she had on a Murdoch University field course based in Denmark last December, under the supervision of Nicole Hodgson and the Green Skills senior project manager, Dr Louise Duxbury.
Jade was keen to do her internship work experience opportunity with Green Skills, to deepen her understanding and experience the transformative power of grass-roots community driven approaches. Jade’s hope is to bring the knowledge that she gained whilst working with Green Skills back to Perth, to empower her work there with urban communities and encourage creative responses to sustainability issues.

Jade shared her internship time between research and practical hands on work – and helped out volunteering at the Denmark Tip Shop, the Albany Container Deposit Scheme depot, at the Denmark Visitor Centre and minor maintenance works at the Denmark Sanctuary.  Jade provided positive feedback after her work experience, commenting that:

“Green Skills is an inspiring organisation which is creating a more sustainable future by facilitating an extraordinary range of projects. The diversity of these projects reflects the organisation’s capacity to incorporate different methods and perspectives to achieve a holistic approach toward sustainability.  
It is a nurturing organisation that considers the individual and unique needs of its volunteers. Green Skills sees the potential in people with all kinds of backgrounds, disadvantages and disabilities, and enables them to volunteer in their strengths. It also offers a diversity of areas for people to volunteer in to cater for their preferences and passions.”

Green Skills launches Containers for Change in Albany

On October 1st, the Containers for Change launched over 200 depots across Western Australia.
One of these depots is run by Green Skills at their new location – 93 Stead Road, Centennial Park.

We hit the ground running, and honestly have not stopped.
It has been fantastic to see so many people sorting, collecting and bringing in their containers for recycling.

So how does it all work?

The consumer gets 10c per eligible container.
Green Skills (or the Operator Refund Point) gets 6c per container for processing.
Essentially, the more containers delivered to a particular Authorised Refund Point on a regular basis, the more people that can be employed.

How do I get my money?

There are two ways:

  1. Cash: For a cash refund, you need to wait whilst we sort and count your containers.
    This can only be done during our set operating hours, and please note: sometimes we only have smaller change if we have been really, really busy!
  2. Scheme ID: To set up a scheme ID, you go to the Containers for Change website.
    When you come into the depot, you can leave a bag with your Scheme ID inside and then we have 3 days to count this. When they have been counted you get an email with a breakdown of the types and numbers of different containers you have had counted. In future we will have 24 hr Bag Drop facility where you can drop off these bags outside of our regular opening hours.

The Scheme ID to donate to Green Skills is:


Your donations help green skills to fund projects and give back to community

What if I want to donate my containers to Green Skills or another charity / community group but I live in another area?

You can donate using a Scheme ID.

In the same way that individuals set up a Scheme ID, community groups and fundraising bodies can also set up a Scheme ID.

If you are needing a hand or not sure how to do this, please reach out to Rebecca at the Green Skills depot via email: [email protected]

At the Container Recycling Depot in Albany we also have a list on the board of the Scheme IDs of many local groups and charities. You could add your group to this list and make it easier for people to know how they can donate to your group.

Have you considered how much you could fundraise?
If 50 people donated 20 containers every single week for a year that would be another $5200 of donations received for your cause in 12 months. (Most people tend to donate more than that or are able to pick up 100+ containers at a time simply collecting litter from road sides or the beach! A litter collection spree could fast become a major fundraising event, benefiting you and the environment at the same time)

When is the Green Skills Container Deposit depot open?

We are currently open:

  • 10am – 4pm Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday
  • 10am – 2pm Sunday
  • Closed on Saturday and Public Holidays

Please Note: If you need to drop off outside our regular hours or arrange a pickup please contact Rebecca on 9840 5670 or [email protected]. Please allow a few days for this to be organised as this is based on availability of staff & volunteers.

As we get busier and grow we will look to extend our hours. We welcome your feedback and input to this process.

Pick Up A Plastic Free July 2020 Starter Kit!

Get your free Plastic Free July starter kit from Green Skills Albany during July, 2020! This little paper bag is full of information, vouchers, samples and freebies to get you started on your waste reduction journey. Drop into the office at 38 Graham Street, Centennial Park, Albany during 9-3 weekdays to pick up yours this month.

Plastic Free July is a challenge to refuse single use plastic for the month of July. Get tips, inspiration and sign up for the challenge here. You can also find resources here on the Green Skills website under our Resources tab. There is heaps you can do, even during these challenging pandemic conditions, to reduce single use plastic in your life.

Thanks to the Waste Authority of WA for supporting this project.

Denmark Tip Shop Now Open Again! Come and Browse…

Green Skills is very happy to open up our Denmark Tip Shop to customers again after 9 weeks of closure due to the Covid19 crisis. The Tip Shop is back to its normal 7 days per week operating hours of 12 – 4 pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am – 1pm on Sunday.

Lots of work by our Tip Shop staff and volunteers has been done during this time of closure to revamp and tidy the shed spaces and install new flooring in sheds. Big Thanks to all who have done such a great contribution to making this happen. The Tip Shop is looking fantastic and is ready and welcoming for you to come and donate goods and re-usable household/garden/building items, or browse for that special something at an excellent bargain.

Please remember that we do have to continue to respect physical distancing and stay at home if you are sick messages to stop the spread of contagious illness and please be considerate and understanding of staff who will need to ensure that relevant maximum customer number regulations are adhered to.

The Denmark Tip Shop, which began in 2001 as a single shed, has grown into a thriving community centre with 8 sheds, and continues to provide one of the best in West Australia for community waste reduction, recycling and sustainable re-use of goods. The Tip Shop is a flag-ship enterprise of Green Skills Inc. Green Skills is proud to announce that we were recently selected as the winner of the 2020 WA AIM RAC Pinnacle Award for Green Business Excellence.

We look forward to seeing you having a browse for that “special” item, turning trash into treasure at the Tip Shop.

Denmark Tip Shop closed until further notice due to COVID-19 trading restrictions – reopening soon!

Dear Denmark Tip Shop customers and valued visitors – We greatly regret having to close the Tip Shop during this COVID-19 epidemic period. Green Skills assures you that we will reopen as soon as the Federal Government lifts the current restrictions placed on non-essential business trading. Our staff and customer’s safety is our primary concern and because we can’t ensure social distancing protocols as required under government regulations, we have decided that it is the right thing to do to close the Tip Shop. PLEASE do not throw away those items that you would otherwise donate to the Tip Shop but keep them in storage to donate to us when we reopen. We will be relying on our Denmark community’s support to help us re-build our Tip Shop into the thriving community business that it has been and will be as soon as we reopen. PLEASE do not leave any items at the Tip Shop gates, as we are not accepting goods at this time, and items left will just become a mess for someone to have to clean up when we open the gates to you all again. We will keep you posted on when we hope to reopen, but until we hear from the government, we can’t give any definite reopening date at this time, but keep an eye on the website because we hope that we will reopen soon.

Green Skills thanks you for your valued support to date, and we look forward to reopening our Tip Shop in the near future and re-building to normal activity when these difficult times are over.

Farewell Aline

It’s a sad day for the Perth Office as Aline says goodbye to Green Skills for the last time.

Aline has been a part of Green Skills since 2001 and in the last few years made an outstanding impact with her hugely popular Bees Wax Wraps workshops and Modern Cloth Nappies projects.

Her warmth and enthusiasm was infectious and the Perth Office will not be the same without her.

All the best for the future Aline. We are sure you’ll do amazing things.

Sustainable Community Festival 21st March

The 2020 Sustainable Community Festival in Albany is shaping up to be an absolutely amazing event.
Green Skills are welcoming new supporter Sustain: Community Food Events Food for Thought Festival PLUS the City of Albany South West Street Fest in addition to the Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Harmony Day.

West Australia’s premier sustainable living event has evolved to include cultural diversity and sustainable economies, held in the Albany Town Square during Harmony week on Saturday 21st March.

York Street will be buzzing with everything from:

  • local markets
  • a cultural array of music
  • kids activities
  • street food
  • Hands-on workshops for both kids and adults
  • presentations on everything from gardening, re-gen Ag and the Regional School Cook-off
  • and more

Leading the presentations will be Sabrina Hahn.

Sabrina is a whole lot of Hort with Heart – a master gardener, horticultural professional, award winning radio presenter and writer. She has passion for the creation of sustainable landscapes that make cities more live-able. Her aim is to educate listeners in the importance of creating biodiversity in their own backyards. She believes that the diminishing green spaces in urban areas are making our cities sterile hot spots. Urban gardens play a vital role in returning biodiversity into our cities and offering people a space for physical and mental well-being.

You won’t want to miss this event. Mark it in your diary NOW!!!

Proudlove Parade Night Markets final for January

Finishing January on a high with our biggest night planned yet. Do you celebrate Valentines Day or Easter? Then we have a range of gifts available for you this week. Waxiwraps will be here with their amazing sustainable solutions to reduce the need for single use plastic. Plants and fertiliser for the garden, fruit and veg, jams, sauces, soaps, woodwork, and new art work from Awesome Aboriginal and Kara Matters. Shale Pottery is having specials on this week.  You can have a tarot card experience reading by Shona. Great local food and coffee by Gin Lao, Bar Tarifa and Pla Thai and Quickshot Coffee.  Up-cycled wares from Vamp it Up and Sharee Orell are always popular.

Do you have hard to shop for people in your life? How about a buying a tour for your loved ones and visitors to experience our local and regional landmarks, wineries and restaurants? Award winning Busy Blue Bus will be available at the markets this week to answer your queries.

Local Proudlove Parade Town Team business La Botanic are having red cross specials on a range of house plants, Barletta’s and Yak On York have great dinner options too on Thursday Nights. And don’t forget the public lectures at the Wave Energy Centre from 5pm – 7pm.

We will have fantastic buskers from 4pm onwards.


James Gentle

Project Manager Denmark Tip Shop Manager

James is committed to the reduction of landfill and the reuse, recycling or upcycling of everyday items. James, a lateral thinker, actively promotes the Tip Shop philosophy through creative arts projects and collaborative ventures with community and school groups in the area.

Read More

Jasmyn Kirkman

Payroll Officer

Jasmyn has been working for many years with Green Skills Albany Ecojobs and has recently expanded her employment role with Green Skills to become our new Payroll Officer. Jasmyn will be sharing her working time between the Green Skills Denmark and Albany offices.  Her role of payroll officer will be mostly undertaken from the Denmark office.

Nicole Robinson

Finance Manager

Nicole has recently joined Green Skills as our new finance manager. Her organisation-wide role of managing the Green Skills finances is delivered from the Denmark office. Nicole is warmly welcomed into the Denmark office team.

Read More

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