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What to Expect

The one-day Women in Leadership Workshop as part of the Symposium will provide a variety of leadership methods and tools designed to enhance and empower your personal life and participation in the sector.

Regardless of our level of experience we can always learn more. Be prepared to be challenged, surprised or affirmed. It is up to you to embrace the experience and your own leadership development and style.

This is an opportunity to practice new learnings and tools in a shared and confidential setting.

Through the day we will cover the topics listed below with discussion, practical application and exploration.

In the morning

  • Definitions & Styles of Leadership.
  • The power of story – Guest speaker. Possible Topic (a) A personal reflection on leadership: challenge, choice and outcome in past, present and future. Or Topic (b) Overcoming work and personal barriers and sustaining effort long term- the four roles of a campaigner.
  • Gender and position of women in the workplace.
  • Barriers to leadership – structural and personal.

In the afternoon

  • Overcoming personal barriers: mood/emotions; using language effectively.
  • Building relationships: using relational meetings.
  • The power of story: story of self.
  • Coaching: for yourself and others for work and personal change.
  • Next steps: post event mentoring; networking; specific skill workshops.

What to Bring

  • A self-commitment to be open minded with a willingness to listen and share.
  • Note pad and pens or highlighters to suit your own note-taking needs.
  • As we work through some of the material relevant templates of tools will be provided.

(PDF version of above example HERE)

In the second half of 2017 Green Skills delivered four “Supporting Women in Leadership” one-day workshops.  Participants gave very positive feedback on the value of the workshops and how their participation helped them to become more effective in their NRM, environment, Landcare and community building efforts.

 “Inspiring and uplifting program for women – not only in the environmental industry but in their/our daily life.” (Stacey M)

 “A great experience’! It reaffirmed some things & awakened others. It has refreshed, re-energised & revitalised me, as I hoped it would.” (Nerrilee B)

 “It was very useful to meet other local environmental leaders – similar take on leadership roles and issues, especially in local community and the region.” (Rosie S)

Would you like to partner with us to support women in leadership in your region? Please CONTACT US and let’s talk about the possibilities.