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Green Skills launches Containers for Change in Albany

Green Skills launches Containers for Change in Albany

On October 1st, the Containers for Change launched over 200 depots across Western Australia.
One of these depots is run by Green Skills at their new location – 93 Stead Road, Centennial Park.

We hit the ground running, and honestly have not stopped.
It has been fantastic to see so many people sorting, collecting and bringing in their containers for recycling.

So how does it all work?

The consumer gets 10c per eligible container.
Green Skills (or the Operator Refund Point) gets 6c per container for processing.
Essentially, the more containers delivered to a particular Authorised Refund Point on a regular basis, the more people that can be employed.

How do I get my money?

There are two ways:

  1. Cash: For a cash refund, you need to wait whilst we sort and count your containers.
    This can only be done during our set operating hours, and please note: sometimes we only have smaller change if we have been really, really busy!
  2. Scheme ID: To set up a scheme ID, you go to the Containers for Change website.
    When you come into the depot, you can leave a bag with your Scheme ID inside and then we have 3 days to count this. When they have been counted you get an email with a breakdown of the types and numbers of different containers you have had counted. In future we will have 24 hr Bag Drop facility where you can drop off these bags outside of our regular opening hours.

The Scheme ID to donate to Green Skills is:


Your donations help green skills to fund projects and give back to community

What if I want to donate my containers to Green Skills or another charity / community group but I live in another area?

You can donate using a Scheme ID.

In the same way that individuals set up a Scheme ID, community groups and fundraising bodies can also set up a Scheme ID.

If you are needing a hand or not sure how to do this, please reach out to Kate or Laura at the Green Skills depot via email: [email protected]

At the Container Recycling Depot in Albany we also have a list on the board of the Scheme IDs of many local groups and charities. You could add your group to this list and make it easier for people to know how they can donate to your group.

Have you considered how much you could fundraise?
If 50 people donated 20 containers every single week for a year that would be another $5200 of donations received for your cause in 12 months. (Most people tend to donate more than that or are able to pick up 100+ containers at a time simply collecting litter from road sides or the beach! A litter collection spree could fast become a major fundraising event, benefiting you and the environment at the same time)

When are you open?

We are currently open:

  • 9am – 3pm Weekdays
  • 11am – 2pm Weekends
  • Closed on Public Holidays

Please Note: If you need to drop off outside our regular hours or arrange a pickup please contact Kate Ryan-Taylor on (0409) 462 450 or [email protected]. Please allow a few days for this to be organised as this is based on availability of staff & volunteers.

As we get busier and grow we will look to extend our hours. We welcome your feedback and input to this process.