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Are you a teacher, student or parent and looking for free zero waste education resources, or ideas to keep your kids happy? Here are a range of lesson plans, printable worksheets, patterns, recipes, games and fun ideas that can be used for learning at home, online learning, small children and general household use.

The first free zero waste resources are two lesson packs are based around Home Bin Audits and Fabric Reusables. These lesson plans are mapped to the Australian curriculum and can be used for most ages from kindy to early high school, so they’re also great for homeschooling a group of siblings. The printable worksheets are designed to be low-ink and can be printed in black and white, and can be used for reluctant writers. Activities include a movie review with suggestions, rubbish walk, bin audit (with different methods depending on age and ability), designing and sewing six fabric items, brainstorming solutions and a fibre bingo game. Students are prompted to think about ethics of single use plastic and use systems thinking, as well as math, English, design & technology, HASS, arts and science skills.

Home Bin Audit Lesson Plan

Home Bin Audit Worksheets

Fabric Reusable Lesson Plan

Fabric Reusables Patterns

Fabric Reusables Worksheets

Fabric Reusables Fibre Bingo

If you have small children at home, you are probably struggling to avoid plastic toys and sensory play! Some children love to play with oozy slime and goo, but all the commercial versions are packed in plastic and even the homemade recipes use PVA glue and other ingredients you probably don’t want on your child’s skin. Here is a recipe sheet with four fun sensory things to make, a list of ideas to make a sensory tub and a simple sheet of seasonal play activities.

Four Plastic-Free Play Recipes

Plastic-Free Sensory Tub Ideas

Seasonal Play Activities

And here’s one for the adults – did you do more cooking in 2020 but find that you were missing just one ingredient for the recipe? Print this out for your pantry door. It’s a list of food substitutes so you can make that recipe with whatever you have in the cupboard.

Food Substitution Chart

Did you use these for your class? Let us know at Green Skills Albany.

These resources were created with support from the Waste Authority of WA.