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Green Skills was contracted by the City of Albany in January 2016 to coordinate and collate stakeholder and community input to the development of the City of Albany Natural Reserves Strategy and Action Plan 2016 – 2020. Engagement activities included:

  • Meetings with individual staff members and councillors
  • Facilitation of staff workshops
  • Meetings with project team and key organizational stakeholders
  • Collation of a 105 member stakeholder list and communications inviting submissions and involvement with workshops and on line or paper based surveys
  • Wide ranging call for input through websites, Facebook pages, local media and static displays
  • Facilitation of five stakeholder and community presentations and workshops attended by approximately 90 people
  • Running of onsite surveys at Cosy Corner and Cape Riche with 69 respondents
  • Running a general survey with 39 online responses through Survey Monkey and an additional 6 paper based response
  • Call for detailed submissions.

All input was summarized in the Draft Report on Community Engagement, prepared by Green Skills.

Overall the community input from workshops reflected the love and appreciation that locals and visitors have for the region and for some specific natural reserves that are visited regularly often up to several times a week.

All contract conditions and timelines were met on schedule, numerous successful community engagement workshops run, and draft engagement plan document successfully completed and submitted to City of Albany for council adoption.