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 Albany & Denmark

ALBANY Green Skills Containers for Change is located at 93 Stead Road, Centennial Park and open:

Monday to Friday- 9am – 4pm

Saturday- CLOSED

Sunday- 10am – 2pm

DENMARK Green Skills Containers for Change is located at the Denmark Waste Management and Reuse Facility, 46 East River Rd, Hay and open:

Wednesday and Saturdays midday – 4pm (last customer entry is 3.45pm)

* Both locations will be Closed Christmas Day and New Years Day 

You can bring in any container with a 10c mark on it (check the label). More information – Containers for Change WA | Giving 10¢ Containers Another Life.

Containers for Change aims to increase recycling rates and reduce the number of drink containers that litter the environment or go into landfill, while creating jobs and providing opportunities for social enterprise and community organisations.

Over-the-counter cash refunds can be obtained at the local Refund Point and do not require a Scheme ID. For EFT refunds people must sign up for a scheme ID via the Containers for Change website and quote this ID when dropping their containers off at the Refund Point.

Community groups, schools, sports clubs and charities can use the scheme to raise money for their causes by registering to become a Donation Point. They can set up a donation location at their facility, where people can drop their containers, effectively ‘donating’ to that community group while at the same time helping to improve recycling rates.

Those preferring to donate their refund can do so by using their chosen group’s Scheme ID when dropping their cans to the Refund Point, or by dropping containers to their chosen group’s Donation Point.

Beverage containers make up 44% of all litter in WA. In South Australia, where a container deposit scheme has been in place since 1977, containers account for less than 3% of litter.