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Green Skills Inc has been engaged by the Torbay Catchment Group to undertake the community engagement plan for the review of the 2008 Torbay Watershed Plan.  Green Skills Inc will work with the Torbay Catchment Group and the community of the Torbay catchment to:

  • Involve the community through a range of mechanisms to ensure maximum efficiency in community engagement and opportunity for informing/feedback for issues and concerns (workshops & surveys).
  • Inform the community of progress on the Torbay Restoration Plan, current context, new information and seek input into revision of catchment restoration plan.
  • Consult the community to build community awareness and understanding, to identify/engage with new community and strengthen Torbay Catchment Group’s connection to community
  • Identify gaps or emerging issues for inclusion in restoration plan review.
  • Collaborate with the community by developing partnerships to formulate options and provide recommendations.
  • Empower the community to implement and be a part of managing behaviour change.

The outcomes of the community engagement process will inform the content of the revised Torbay Restoration Plan.  The Torbay Restoration Plan 2017 – 2027 will be released to the community in December 2017.