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In August Green Skills will be installing 15 Phascogale nesting boxes within the Balijup Fauna Sacntuary near Tenterden. The boxes have been made by the Denmark Men’s Shed and will be installed by Basil Schur and Tony Peterson of Green Skills, with support from the South Coast NRM’s Noongar Green Army team.

Angela Sanders of Bush Heritage Australia and Sara Comer of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions have kindly  provided technical advice on how to make and install the boxes.   These boxes have been successfully used at the Bush Heritage reserve near Kojonup to bring back the endangered Red Tailed Phascogale into the area.

Phascogale Box up at the Bush Heritage Reserve near Kojonup

The nesting box project will help establish whether red or brush tailed phascogales already occur in the Sanctuary. If, as is likely, they are no longer present, then Green Skills will work with Dr Nic Dunlop of the Conservation Council of WA’s citizen science program to apply for approval from the WA Government to reintroduce brush tailed phascogales into the Sanctuary. To date Southern Brown Bandicoots and Brush Tailed Possums have been re-established back into the enclosure.

For more information contact Basil Schur at the Green Skills Denmark office on 98483310.