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Green Skills Perth staff Annabelle Newbury and Aline Brion toured the bilges of local waste facilities, to uncover the recycled, the composted and the landfilled. We also teed up a visit with waste education boffin Isabelle Marie (pictured) at our site!

It’s been on the “Must Visit” list for months: the Regional Resource Recycling Centre (RRRC) in Canning Vale.

Operated by Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC), Isabelle Marie showed us the Waste Composting Facility, Green Waste Facility and Materials Recovery Facility. High tech machinery performing high tech waste management. Household and garden waste, paper, plastics, glass and metals, and green waste are recycled or composted here. The compost mounds are impressively huge!

But what about “The Tip”? (we don’t call it that anymore!)

Our local Waste Recovery Park, Henderson Waste Recovery Park, is the regional waste disposal and recycling facility for commercial waste and bulk household items. Operated by the City of Cockburn, Waste Education Officer Nicki Ledger showed us around. The transfer station was well organised with separate areas for the different items, including timber, metal, mattresses, whitegoods, electronic equipment, furniture, construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, e-waste and asbestos. It doesn’t all go to landfill! And they even have a “Reuse Shop” for the still-usable items that are resold back to the community.

Now what?

We are expanding our waste minimisation workshops – “Nappies for Newborns” – starting off with a delivery of flyers to the RRRC. Going for a tour? Keep a look-out for the catchy modern cloth nappy display! Want to know more about our workshops or partner with us? Contact [email protected]