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On Thursday, 16th November about 30 clients and carers at SMP Disability and Support Services in Spearwood enjoyed a Birds of Prey workshop presented by Yvonne Sitko, owner and operator of WA Birds of Prey.

Yvonne introduced five birds to the group including a Barn Owl, Boobook Owl, Falcon and Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Everyone had a chance to hold Micro the half-sized Wedge-tailed Eagle and GT the Falcon and it was a terrific photo opportunity.

Clients and carers alike enjoyed hearing about the birds and their habitat and habits.  Yvonne emphasised the threat posed to our native birds through secondary poisoning from chemicals put out to kill rats and mice, which are a major food source for many birds of prey.  There are poison baits that can be used which contain chemicals that break down relatively quickly (like Warfarin an Coumatetraly) and while they should be used as a last resort only, they do not accumulate in the food chain as much as others.

The workshop was very warmly received with appreciation expressed to Green Skills for providing this activity, which we do through our Sustainability Fund as part of our Nature-based Activities for People Living with Disability Program.

The header photo is  Yvonne Sitko, owner and operator of WA Birds of Prey introducing Micro the Wedge-tailed Eagle to some SMP workshop participants.