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The storeroom at Green Skills Albany is stacked up with the limited 2017 Christmas edition Who Gives A Crap toilet paper!

We have both recycled paper ($50, brown box) and 100% bamboo ($60, white box). Green Skills members receive a $5 discount on these prices, bringing the price to only $45 or $55 for 48 double-length rolls. Membership is only $5 or $10 for individuals per year.

Each roll is wrapped with colourful festive paper, designed by artists. You can reuse the wrappers for Christmas gift wrap or lots of other uses.

50% of the profits from Who Gives A Crap goes towards building toilets in third world countries, the toilet paper rolls are plastic free and it’s an Australian company. If you’re around Albany, drop into Green Skills at 38 Graham Street to stock up now before the Christmas rush! Our office at 38 Graham St is open 9-3 weekdays, until the 22nd of December.