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The report outlines the findings of  a Hooded Plover and Salt Lakes foreshore conservation project in the North Stirlings.

The project  undertook  Hooded Plover surveys on lakes in the Cranbrook area  with Hooded Plover and other shorebird sightings regisgtered on the Birdlife  web portals.  Green Skills met with the local landholders and family members and other local residents and held a Hooded Plover field trip in mid February starting from Bobs Lake bird hide. Presenations on the project were made at the Festival of Bird Symposium and a landcare event organised by the Gillamii Centre in Cranbrook.

A good outcome of the project has been obtaining the cooperation of the landowner of the important Tom South Lake, beside the Great Southern Highway north of Cranbrook, for foreshore fencing. This will allow greater protection for a range of shorebird and wetland species, including Hoodies.

You can read the FULL REPORT HERE






This project was supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State Natural Resource Management Program, supported by Royalties for Regions. It has also been supported by the  Gillamii Centre in Cranbrook and local landholders including the Lehmann, Pech, Bradshaw/Carnegie, Jones and Williamson families .  The project also forms part of Green Skills’ Gondwana Link wetland conservation program.  

The report was written by Tony Peterson, Project Officer,  with input from Basil Schur, Projects Manager, Green Skills. Marcus Singor and Steve Elson provided valuable support and input into this project.