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Green Skills Inc Founder, Louise Duxbury recently celebrated her 60th birthday.

In addition to a lunch party of family, friends, colleagues, organic and local food and music, Louise was able to use it as an opportunity to raise money to sponsor a young woman in Timor Leste to get to the university in Dilli for environmental or community development studies.

“I have a rich life and I don’t need more of anything.  My mum has already sponsored four young women in Timor to do nursing and midwifery.  We visited the students in 2016 and they have all been successful so far and are dedicated to making a different in their communities once they graduate next year.  Annabelle Newbury showed the way raising funds for a female student when she turned 70 earlier this year.  I thought to myself – great idea, I can do that too!”

Photograph of Louise Duxbury and her mother in Timor 2016.