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The Green Skills Denmark consultant team has recently completed the community engagement process and document creation for the review of the 2006 Watershed Torbay – Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan.  The community engagement process involved numerous community workshops, an online survey and a number of meetings with the Torbay Catchment Group Committee and other key stakeholders and management agency staff.  The 2018 Draft Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan was presented to community at a workshop at the Torbay Community Hall in June 2018.  All the community and agency input received over the 18-month period of writing the new draft plan has now been collated into three final documents:  The Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan 2018-2028; The Torbay Catchment Summary Action Plan 2018-2028 and the Community Engagement Report.  For further information please contact Green Skills Denmark office on 98483310 or the Torbay Catchment Group.