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Plastic in the environment has become one of the big issues of our times. While we are a long way from the rest of the world, our shores are experiencing relatively high plastic loads. This presentation will provide you with information about the seasonality of plastic on our shores and what impact it is having on our birds.

Dr. Paterson is a marine scientist and has been working on plastics in the marine environment for nearly five years. Her passion began when she realised that our apparently pristine beaches were covered in tiny fragments of plastic. She now has a number of programs that are being used to quantify the amount of plastic on our shores and increase awareness of how big the impact of plastic is going to be in the future. One of her projects is Nurdling November, which is targeting plastic pellets of Nurdles that were lost in South Africa in 2017. Find out how you can become part of this research at the Sustainable Community Festival.