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It seems that in many households, the women are leading the charge into low-waste lifestyles, with husbands and kids being brought along for the ride – sometimes kicking and screaming. So how do we get them on-board and move low-waste living from something they do to ‘keep Mum happy’, to something that is valued by the whole family? Ella discusses ideas, barriers and wins from her own journey – and also some words of wisdom from other people’s husbands!

Ella Maesepp is a passionate environmentalist, working a ‘real job’ at Katanning Landcare and indulging her hobby for sustainability education through her small business Katanning EcoHouse. With an Environmental Science degree from Murdoch University, an off-grid strawbale home, two small kids, a farmer husband and too many community commitments, she understands the importance of making changes that not only protect our planet, but work for real people. Ella’s family of four produces just one litre of landfill per week, and she loves to help others achieve similar results. She looks forward to a world without GladWrap.

Listen to Ella at the Sustainable Community Festival on Saturday 23rd March in the Albany Town Square.