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Annabelle Newbury says Farewell

Annabelle Newbury says Farewell

Perth manager Annabelle Newbury has retired. It’s big news for the Green Skills community, especially the Perth office which she managed for 21 years.

In her farewell to Green Skills,  Annabelle said, It’s been a delight to work in such an exceptional organisation which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary.  The impetus behind Green Skills formation in 1989 was to deal with the urgent issue of climate change. This is now more crucial than ever of course and makes the work we do matter a great deal.

“I have worked with so many wonderfully committed staff over the years, and particularly during my time as State Manager between 2007-2013, I got to know staff in all our offices very well.

“I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that each of you find joy and meaning in your work everyday and forge strong connections with the people who come into your lives.”

What a beautiful note to leave on, Annabelle. Thank you, it’s been an absolute pleasure and we also wish you much joy and connection in your next ventures. We will miss you!

Are Compostable Nappies Really Compostable?

Are Compostable Nappies Really Compostable?

They’re becoming more common – “eco-disposable nappies”. Biodegradable, chlorine free, fragrance free, chemical free, cloth-like … the list goes on and the packaging is convincing.

But I’ve always wondered – are these claims true or is it greenwashing? Can these nappies truly be compostable?

To find out for yourself, look up company websites or nappy packaging – what % of their nappies is compostable? Figures range from 10% upwards.

This means, only a part of the nappies is compostable. They still contain plastic, as a minimum, in: the elastic in the leg cuffs, the tabs that fasten the nappy, and the backing of the tabs (that you rip off to fasten the nappy).

So, no nappy is 100% compostable.

Because of this, even compostable nappies belong in the waste-to-landfill (red lidded) bin.

“All nappies, even those that claim to be biodegradable or compostable need to go in the waste-to-landfill bin. At present, there is no known brand of compostable nappies that can completely break down in a commercial composting system. This is due to the plastic elements such as liners, tabs, and elastic that remain as residue after being processed. The plastic components equate to more than 10% which is above the acceptable contamination.”

With babies needing on average 5000 nappy changes from birth to toilet training, that’s 5000 disposable nappies in landfill. Or, just 24 modern cloth nappies. More info on that topic here.

Dreamcatchers and Driftwood Mobiles with an upcycled twist

Dreamcatchers and Driftwood Mobiles with an upcycled twist

Sewing with Scraps workshop takes a seaside theme, with shells, driftwood and of course, fabric scraps.

Adding to Jude’s box of recycled supplies – part-balls of wool, op shop ribbons, wire hangers – participants choose to make either a dreamcatcher or a mobile.

This sustainability workshop teaches children, teens and adults how to breathe new life into unwanted clothes and craft supplies, and create something beautiful.

Pictured: a happy participant of Coogee Live – the City of Cockburn’s seaside festival.

To bring this workshop to your organisation or environmental education centre, contact the Green Skills Perth office on 9360 6667 or email [email protected]

Looking for Parent Ed Classes with Cloth Nappies?

Looking for Parent Ed Classes with Cloth Nappies?

Thanks to a grant from the Waste Authority, Green Skills has been training local Parent Educators how to use  modern cloth nappies, and provided nearly all Perth’s maternity hospitals with an Antenatal Cloth Nappy Demo kit. 


The kits contain a range of cloth nappies plus info on how to wash them (same as washing clothes) and some environmental mythbusting (let there be no confusion: reusable trumps disposable).  If you’re having a baby in Perth, you can check out cloth (and disposable) nappies at these hospitals:

Armadale Health Service

Joondalup Health Campus

King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women

The Family Birth Centre (King Edward Memorial Hospital)

St John of God Hospital, Midland

St John of God Hospital, Murdoch

St John of God Hospital, Mt Lawley

St John of God Hospital, Subiaco

Glengarry Private Hospital

Osborne Park Hospital

If you would like to book a cloth nappy demo for your organisation or join our Cloth Nappy Project, contact Aline in the office 9360 6667 or on email – [email protected]

This project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.

New Hino Truck for Ecojobs Perth

New Hino Truck for Ecojobs Perth

A recent purchase has our Ecojobs staff excited. The new Hino truck arrived in March and the staff have been making the most of a quiet April to get the truck ready to go for the busy months ahead.

Complete with new tool box in the tray, it has also been fitted with a 2200ltr water tank, motor and hose reel – perfect for the upcoming winter planting jobs and ready for tree watering and weed control later in the year.