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 Not Waste Festival 2019

Photo credit: Wendy Gibb

Photo credit: Hazel Blake

Photo credit: Bruce Carter

Photo credit: Wendy Gibb








What is the “Not Waste Festival” all about?

Celebrating the creative and practical reuse, repair and upcycle of items destined for landfill. Focusing on reducing waste on a community level, through discussion, experience and demonstation.   

When is the next “Not Waste Festival”?

The next Not Waste Festival will be held  in Denmark Civic Centre April 5th – 7th 2019

What happened to “Art Not Waste”?

Art Not Waste has been so popular that we decided to expand it to include reuse, repair, upcycling and really anything that helps divert and (or) reduce landfill. Not Waste Festival is about more involvement from community, with all kinds of workshops leading up to and during the event.

How do I get involved?  

To get involved please just follow the links below to the appropriate form. If you are having trouble filling the form please email the festival at [email protected]

Not Waste Festival Crafty Upcyclers Application

Not Waste Festival Junk Music Application

Not Waste Festival Volunteer Application

Not Waste Festival Workshop Facilitators Application


What workshops will there be?


Leading Up To The Festival

The Art Of Upcycling – Denmark Upcycle Collective (Ruth Maddren)

Six Sundays – 24th Feb til 31 March


Cost $30/ day $150 for all six workshops

BYO food and drink

Learn the art of upcycling. Join the world wide movement of ethical fashion. It’s not an oxymoron! Use simple sewing taught with instructions to creatively combine existing clothing. Reinvent, unravel ordinary, turn generic upside down. Use valuable textiles as a resource. Its’s not what you look at it’s what you see. Materials and machines provided. Learn a new technique each week. Bookings essential – 0427991459


During The Festival

Soap Making From Waste Products – Ruby Lentil (Ruth Maddren)

Saturday 6th April 10-11 am


Have you ever wanted to make soap? Well now is your chance! Learn to use animal fat as a resource. This is readily available and has been used for centuaries in home soap making. Get instructed on how to render plus step by step soap making, with a take home of your own that can be cut , cured and ready for use in a few weeks. Instructions and recipes, plus all materials and saftey gear provided. Class of 8. Bookings essential – 0427991459

Junk Percussion – Ollie Watkins

Sunday 7th April 10-11am

$15 waged $10 unwaged

Funky, syncapated group percussion on salvaged buckets, plastic drums, pots and pans, tin can shakers and more. Ollie has a huge amount of experience working with percussionists of any skill level. He will challenge you to push yourself further. There is no such thing as can’t.  You don’t need money to get into playing music. Come and be amazed by the sounds that you can create.


Events At The Markets

Make A Statement – Denmark Upcycle Collective

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April 12:30 til 4:30 pm

$10 per T-shirt

Print your own T-shirt statement with Denmark Upcycle Collective’s Linoblock Alphabet.  Re-vitalize that old t-shirt or grab a t-shirt from the Denamark Upcycle Collective’s selection. We know you have a lot to say! So come on, tell the world.


Evening Events 

Friday night

5:30pm til 10:30pm

Free Entry


Possible Futures – Waste Reduction in Denmark – Public Disscussion Panel

Want to know what possible futures there are for waste reduction in our town? Got question? Don’t miss out on our Friday night panel of local experts.


Upcycled Fashion Parade – Open to all clothing upcyclers

Do you make clothing from stuff people throw away? Well don’t just hide it in the closet…. come and show us! The parade hosted by Denmark Upcycle Collective will feature clothing from a number of local rethinkers of fabric. Watch the parade, show us your stuff or jump up and be in the parade…. its up to you. Music for the parade will be by “One Game Boy” (music entirely written and performed on a 1980’s Gameboy.) Contact Ruth to get invovlved – 0427991459


The Tip Shop DJ

An amazing and ecclectic collection of tip shop / op shop records to keep the party going.


Saturday Night

Carbon Element – Exploring the darker side of waste through contempary dance

9pm til 12pm

$15 Waged $10 Unwaged


Three of our magnificent Denmark contempary dancers will explore our relationship to waste.

Annette Charmicheal with Circular Box (Intonarumori)

Nari Lees Projection and Dance

Summer Addy

(More Details Soon)


Photo credit: Wendy Gibb

Thanks to everyone involved with previous Art Not Waste events for making them such a huge success. We look forward to seeing what great ideas you have to bring to the new and expanded Not Waste Festival. You can make a difference! Come share your ideas with everyone or just come and get inspired. Reducing waste is everyone’s business.