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Not Waste Festival


Photo credit: Wendy Gibb

Photo credit: Hazel Blake

Photo credit: Bruce Carter

Photo credit: Wendy Gibb






When is the next “Not Waste Festival”?

The next Not Waste Festival will be held  in Denmark Civic Centre April 5th – 7th 2019

What happened to Art Not Waste?

Art not waste has been so popular that we decided to expand it to include reuse, repair, upcycling and well anything that helps divert and or reduce landfill. Not Waste festival is about more involvement from community, with all kinds of workshops leading up to and during the event.

How do I get involved?  

To get involved please just follow the links below to the appropriate form. If you are having trouble filling the form please email the festival at [email protected]

Not Waste Festival Crafty Upcyclers Application

Not Waste Festival Junk Music Application

Not Waste Festival Volunteer Application

Not Waste Festival Workshop Facilitators Application


What workshops will there be?

The workshops are yet to be announced.   Thanks to everyone involved with previous Art Not Waste events for making them such a huge success. We look forward to seeing what amazing ideas you have to bring to the new and improved Not Waste Festival. You can make a difference! Come share your ideas with everyone or just come and get inspired Reducing waste is everyone’s business.




Photo credit: Wendy Gibb