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Professional staff who understand how to work in fragile areas

Professional staff who understand how to work in fragile areas

Wilson Wetlands Action Group (WWAG) has utilised the services offered by Green Skills Ecojobs Environmental Personnel for a number of years on our varied projects within Canning River Regional Park.

The office staff are helpful and efficient in dealing with bookings and staffing requests when we contact them. Field staff are punctual and arrive ready to start the tasks of the day. They are professional and understand the complexities of working within fragile conservation areas. With background and interest in the work staff are often able to offer constructive input which contributes to the successful outcome of the project.

Wilson Wetlands Action Group

Partnering with Trinity College on Revegetation Projects Around Cranbrook

Partnering with Trinity College on Revegetation Projects Around Cranbrook

In a recent Green Skills revegetation project nine people helped with the planting of  about 500  native plants (mostly native Callistemon phoeniceus and Calothamnus quadrifidus shrubs and some Salt Paperbark, Melaleuca cuticularis) around the bird hide  at Bob’s Lake on the Lehmann family farm north east of Cranbrook.

The team included Greg Duke and 5 university UWA students based at Trinity Residential College in Perth. Trinity College grew and provided the  native plants from local collected seed. This landscaping project is the concluding part of completing the Bobs Lake (Yegin’s Pool)  Bird Hide project supported by Trinity College, Gillamii Centre, the Shire of Cranbrook and through the Great Southern Development Commission.

Trinity College, Cranbrook, revegetationThe team also planted native trees and shrubs in the fenced off foreshore beside Lake Matilda on the Stirling family farm near Kendenup.  1750 plants went into the ground including 900 Callistemon phoeniceus, 300 Calothamnus quadrifidus shrubs, 100 Eucalyptus occidentalis and  about 450 Salt Paperbark, Melaleuca cuticularis.

The Trinity team also planted 1050 salt tolerant native trees on revegetation sites on the Sandiland farm next door to Lake Matilda, as well as about 5500 trees on a salinity affected valley on the Sprigg family farm near Cranbrook.

The plantings went well and great to get some welcome rain today to bed the plants in.

The planting and field day event formed part of the Green Skills Gondwana Link Wetlands Capability development project, funded by the State Government’s State NRM program supported by Royalties for Region.


Upcycling pallets for home and garden

Upcycling pallets for home and garden

Pallet Workshops for local councils, communities and organisations

What’s better than recycling? Upcycling!

Join The Pallet Project’s Cassie Greer and Corbin Moran for a hands-on workshop, turning those side-of-the-road pallets into fabulous features for home or garden.

Participants will get handy with tools to deconstruct pallets and create their own funky photo frame or a vertical garden. The perfect start for a first pallet project!

For more information or to contract this workshop for your group, please email [email protected]

“Nappies for newborns and beyond” – Cloth nappy workshops

“Nappies for newborns and beyond” – Cloth nappy workshops

Green Skills Murdoch office launched cloth nappy workshops in January 2017 with a Perth local council and a grant from the Waste Authority.

Every day, thousands of nappies arrive at the recycling facilities around Perth after being placed into the incorrect kerbside bin.

Inspired to tackle the contamination of the materials recovery facility, we created a “Nappies for Newborns and Beyond” workshop, for delivery at local libraries, new mothers groups, antenatal classes and early childhood centres.

Our cloth nappy display has been fantastic for introducing new parents to modern cloth nappies in the flesh (not just on the internet). Parents tell us that the different brands, sizes and fabrics can be confusing when you are just starting out and google ‘cloth nappies’.

Questions from parents often include: “will my newborn really fit into this nappy?”, “How do I use cloth at night?”, and “do you have reusable swim nappies?”. So far, there has always been a young family already using cloth to rave about their experience first-hand!

For more information on this waste minimisation program, or to book this workshop for your group, please email [email protected]

Nature based activities for people with disabilities

Nature based activities for people with disabilities

Green Skills brings wildlife to people living with disabilities.

Our program of nature-based activities is delivered in conjunction with local wildlife providers WA Birds of Prey and Radical Reptiles. Interactive sessions focus on conservation, wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. Participants also have opportunities to handle the wildlife if they wish –a truly amazing experience to witness!

We have established relationships with agencies throughout the Perth metropolitan region, who recognise that nature inclusion improves the wellbeing of people living with disadvantage and their carers.

Our presentations always bring excitement and enthusiasm from clients and carers!

Mauricio Sanabria of Nulsen Disability Services, “At Nulsen, we support people with profound and complex disabilities and I know from my own experience as a support worker that many of them will never have the opportunity to see and interact with these birds in the way that they did. Your understanding and support of people with disabilities is amazing and I really hope this experience is promoted so more people in the community can enjoy it. I hope we can invite you again in the near future.”

Nicola Ryan of Multiple Sclerosis Western Australia, “The SMILES on the faces of the members in the photos “SAY IT ALL” !!  THANKYOU again for supporting our members at Outreach”

For more information on this inclusion program, or to book this workshop for your group, please email [email protected]